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Feb 2013 – Is it February already?  Wow! Well, our web presence is finally back after an extended absence. The old website was built and maintained using Microsoft Frontpage, which was a real pain for me to maintain. This new site uses the hosting service built-in website builder which should be much easier for me to stay on top of. I hope you like the simple layout and content. I’ll be trying some fun and exciting things here, or at least different, so you can check back every now and then. In family news, all is well in Oregon. As I continue to travel the world as part of my job, Rose and the girls are firmly anchored in Oregon. Rose continues to work in high tech manufacturing, while the three children attend school. Crystal and Michelle are doing well in their third year at Portland Community College, while Sarah has transferred to Portland State University. We’re all settling into our new abode. How nice it is to have our own place again. Portland continues to be rainy and weird. If you don’t believe me, check out Portlandia on IFC. Enjoy your day!

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